Ms. Myrah Stockdale serves as a senior consultant and founder of Measurement Resource. She is responsible for new contract procurement, development and implementation of program evaluations and needs assessments, customized process /outcome /impact evaluations, instrumental/methodological /psychometric decision making,  data expression and analytic communication,  and fostering partnerships between clients and other stakeholders, as well as direction of special projects and client requested services. Myrah is completing her Ph.D. (currently ABD) in Educational Research Methodologies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). Additionally, she holds a M.S. in Educational Research Methodologies from UNCG, a M.S. in Health Education from Eastern Kentucky University, and a B.B.A in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her experience includes program evaluation for nationally funded educational grantees and professional as well as graduate education programs in the allied health sciences as well as psychometric work with academic units across the country. In addition to her academic role Ms. Stockdale  has served as a Director of Assessment responsible for the development and accreditation of several graduate and professional programs. With experience in both the academic and administrative capacities, Myrah understands the need for affordable, clear solutions that can be scaled to meet needs of schools, colleges/universities, and non-profit organizations.



Training and Analyses – We can assist you with building methodological and analytic capacity in your organization through training and analyses. Additionally, we can utilize our analytic knowledge to help your team plan, implement, and analyze project or test data. Our experts are trained methodologists and educators with experience with non-profit, higher education, and the allied health sciences. We have experience in conducting analyses and training others to do so.  We offer pragmatic strategies for qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research. Ms. Stockdale is a trained psychometrician, statistician,  as well as a Professional ATLAS.ti Certified Trainer. Below are examples of the kinds of training that we have conducted.

Examples of Psychometric Training and Analyses (not a comprehensive list):

  • Item Writing and Review Workshops
  • Test and Item Statistical Analysis
  • Perform advanced statistical modeling and simulation of educational performance data
  • Improving Reliability and Validity
  • Increasing Test Security
  • Job Analysis – defining the knowledge, skills, and judgments for a profession.
  • Standard Setting -establishing cut scores for licensure, certification, and education.
  • Item Response Theory
  • Diagnostic Classification / Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling
  • Automated Test Assembly

Examples of Evaluation Training and Analyses (not a comprehensive list):

  • Creating Evaluation Frameworks and Logic Models
  • Communicating Evaluation Results Effectively
  • Utilizing ATLAS.ti for Evaluators
  • Utilizing ATLAS.ti for Literature Reviews

Examples of Assessment Training and Analyses (not a comprehensive list):

  • Programmatic Assessment Practices
  • Curricular Assessment
  • Versioning: How to improve the process over time
  • Communicating Assessment Results and Practices in Order to Build Assessment Culture
  • Building Assessment Capacity
  • Evidence-Centered Assessment Practices
  • Utilizing ASANA for Assessment Professionals
  • Leveraging Mixed-Methods Approaches for Better Assessment
  • Using Psychometrics for Accreditation and Assessment

Assessment – Rely on Measurement Resource’s expertise in research methods, psychometrics, and interviewing to assist your team in designing, validating, and implementing data collection tools. I can assist clients in instrument (survey or test) development, focus group facilitation, key informant interviewing, as well as the range of quantitative methods for analyzing your important metrics.

Evaluation – We can assist you with all of your evaluation needs—from literature review and summarization of the evidence to comprehensive program evaluation. Our clients can rely on our experience from the drafting of grant proposals through the definition of objectives, the development of measurement strategies and protocols, and the analysis of the data. Our team includes publishing, leadership, and graphic design expertise to ensure that our evaluation reports and presentations are clear and valuable for multi-level stakeholders, useful for organizational leaders, and impressive to funders.



Please leATLAS,ti CAPTt me know how I can assist you by emailing me at myrah.stockdale@gmail.com.